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Free Lightroom Preset Free | Enhance Your Home Decor Photography with Interior Lightroom Presets

Interior Photography Lightroom Preset Free
Interior Photography Lightroom Preset Free

Interior Lightroom presets are pre-defined settings in Adobe Lightroom that are specifically designed to enhance and optimize the appearance of interior photographs. These presets are essentially a set of adjustments and filters that can be applied to your images with a single click, helping you achieve a consistent and visually appealing look for interior photography.

free presets and lets you edit your photos in one click with free lightroom presets, in this article I'm going to present one of my favorites presets called interior Pack preset it's a paid preset but, I will give it to you for free today you can check it on Etsy.com marketplace how it cost.?

Please keep in mind that you will likely need to tweak your edit slightly based on your photo, camera settings & lighting conditions.

Here's a brief description of what you can expect from interior Lightroom presets:

1. **Color Enhancement**: Interior presets often focus on improving the color balance and vibrancy of your photos. They can adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness to make the colors in your interior shots more appealing.


2. **Exposure Correction**: These presets may include exposure adjustments to ensure that the image is properly lit. They can help brighten up dark areas and recover details in overexposed portions.


3. **Tone Curve**: Presets can modify the tone curve to fine-tune the contrast and tone of the image. This can be particularly useful for achieving a specific mood or style in interior photography.


4. **White Balance**: Interior presets can correct white balance issues, ensuring that the colors in your photos appear natural and accurate. They can warm up or cool down the lighting as needed.


5. **Noise Reduction**: If your interior shots have noise due to low light conditions, presets may include noise reduction settings to make your images appear cleaner and smoother.


6. **Lens Corrections**: These presets can correct distortions, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations that are common in interior photography when using wide-angle lenses.


7. **Clarity and Sharpness**: To make the details in your interior photos stand out, presets may enhance clarity and sharpening settings, bringing out textures and lines.


8. **Vignetting and Effects**: Some presets might add subtle vignetting or other effects to draw the viewer's attention to the main subject of the interior shot.


9. **Cropping and Composition**: While not always included in presets, some may offer crop and composition adjustments to help you achieve a balanced and visually pleasing composition.

 Keep in mind that the specific adjustments and effects included in interior Lightroom presets can vary widely depending on the creator of the preset. It's a good practice to explore different presets and adjust them further to match your specific preferences and the unique characteristics of each interior photograph you're working on.


▸Mobile Lightroom Preset ( dng file) 

▸Instant download 


▸Compatible with Lightroom Mobile App ( IOS & Android - free & Paid Versions) 

▸Compatible with lightroom classic cc & Photoshop.


▸Follow the link at the end of this article and download your preset from Google Drive it's so easy.


a- How it works on iphone:

   ▸ Watchvideo

b- How it works on android:

    ▸ Watchvideo

▸ Presets on lightroom are so easy to use or edit after you download your preset import it to your lightroom app and open it like a normal photo then copy settings and past it, on a new photo, you want to edit with the same preset.

interior preset free lightroom preset is tested on many different photos. Please do keep in mind that all photos are unique and have different lighting.

That means you may need to apply some adjustments to your photo if it looks incomplete with the free lightroom preset.

📷 Installation Instructions:

• Open the Lightroom app and import the DNG file.

• Once you have added and opened the DNG file into the Lightroom app, tap the three-dot icon in the top right of the screen and select Copy Settings and Paste to your photo.

• Or Choose ‘Create Preset’ Fill out the ‘Preset Name’ and ‘Preset Group’ to ensure your presets stay organized, next tap the “✓” icon in the top right. 

Now the preset has been installed Under the "Preste" menu.

Here is Before & After edits

Get your preset from:  Google Drive