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How to Create an Ads.txt File for Google AdSense (2023 Guide)

How to Create an Ads.txt File for Google AdSense (2023 Guide)

Solving the problem of earnings at risk, the method of adding an ads file.txt correctly.

When I logged into my Google AdSense account yesterday, I saw a red warning saying that one or more of my websites do not have an ads file.txt.

In this tutorial, you will Showyou how to solve this problem.

To solve this problem, we need to add the ads file.txt to the root level of our domain (for example , https://example.com/ads.txt).

 it is different between Blogger users and WordPress users, so we have provided an explanation of the Blogger platform.

You don't have to worry about this. What is required of you is to add an ads file.txt to your own blog using the blogger control panel.

This will help to avoid any problems with the appearance of ads and ensure that ads from Google AdSense are displayed on your blog.

The ads file.txt is a text file that contains a list of all companies and ads that use the ad spaces on your site or blog such as Google AdSense. This file serves to provide detailed information about the companies authorized to advertise on your site, thereby helping to protect your earnings from fraud and ensuring the display of appropriate advertising on your site.

Every website or blog owner who uses Google AdSense, or any advertising company, should create an ads file.txt and add it to his site or blog to maintain profits and avoid possible problems.

In case no notification appears on your Adsense account.

  • After logging into your Adsense account؛
  • Click on fix now, which you will find at the top of the page in the form of an alert in red؛
  • We will pop up a window for you to download the ads file.txt click on Download؛
  • After downloading the ads file.txt on your computer؛
  • Add it in the place designated for winding in the blogger settings. I will leave you an episode on the ishraqa channel at the bottom of this article, through which I explained the way to do this.

File Guide 2023/2024 :

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